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When their global parent company decided to pull the rug from under their feet in April, at the onset of the Covid virus spreading across the world and the UK going into lockdown, 4 directors of a national specialist fire safety and TECS provider of critical services to Hospitals, Care Homes and other front line emergency, public and private sector clients buildings took the unprecedented decision not to take it lying down.

Within weeks, this band of 4 had created  Secureshield . The result of a swift commitment to put everything on the line and bring about a Management Buyout of the business in administration and save around 50 jobs at a time when businesses across the country are having to close their doors and furlough staff, if not cut jobs. Not to mention provide life-saving services to the vulnerable through Warden Call.

Working very closely with the new Owner/Directors, we created the brand, online presence and the vital print collateral in a matter of weeks to keep pace with the formation and turnaround of the business and they are going from strength to strength.

The journey has been complex and difficult but the business has re-stabilised and is now surging ahead, winning new contracts.


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